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We Do Aerial. 

The FAA estimates that by the end of 2017 the Drone industry will grow to over $10 Billion and within 5 years could reach as high as $500 Billion.  The practical applications of drones are virtually limitless.
Eric Marble of Marketing Spot On is a FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Operator.  In addition to Real Estate Applications, Eric has partnered with Emergency Management to survey landslides during flooding, used drone footage to determine how to streamline maintenance on playing fields, and has taken videos of various sporting competitions.
Contact Eric for more information on how drone footage can increase your professional image and give a different perspective for your business, 435-230-0180

Real Estate


Aerial Photography and Videography has proven to sell houses 42% faster at 5.25% higher price.  

Sports Fields

Aerial Views of Sports Fields and Golf Courses give a completely different perspective and can pinpoint areas of improvement much easier than on the ground.  
By mapping an 18 hole Golf Course you can save over $80,000 annually in water and fertilizer costs.
We can survey cell phone towers, power lines, and map landscapes.  During the floods in Box Elder County February 2017 Marketing Spot On teamed with Emergency Management to document mud slides that were threatening homes.  We also surveyed canals to make sure the flooding didn't increase due to canal system failure.

Aerial Surveys



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